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A well overdue update!

So much has happened in the last twelve months with Waterbridge Food Co-op.

Importantly, we are still here and going strong!  Previous posts informed of the wonderful donations and grants we received to keep us operational. Our community, staff and volunteers are grateful for the kind donations from individuals and groups, the grant from Brighton Council and the grant from the Department of Premier and Cabinet. These funds were originally sought to allow us to continue until June 2017 and, with that time drawing near, it appears those funds will last us a little longer. We have been very thrifty!  For example, some of the staff wages below are funded from external sources.

The Jordan River Service Inc is the management body for Gagebrook and Bridgewater Community Centres, Pete’s Community Workshed, Integrated Family Support Service, Needle and Syringe Programme, Top Gear Learner Driver Programme and Waterbridge.  There are many other programmes and activities offered!

We continue to be supported by some amazing businesses, services and organisations.  Naming them all could mean someone is forgotten but I would like to mention Workskills who have provided us with some fantastic, motivated work experience participants.

Here are some dot points of what has been happening in each area;

Waterbridge Pantry

  • The Pantry has two very part-time staff and volunteers’ hours total 225 per month
  • The Pantry has extended it’s opening times and increased product lines
  • The Pantry sells over 30 different frozen meal varieties and a monthly dessert special
  • New sauces and chutneys are being trialled all the time – check out the very popular Super Dooper Chilli Sauce!

Waterbridge Gardens

  • The Gardens have two very part-time staff and volunteers’ hours average 600 per month
  • Both of our community gardens at the Bridgewater and Gagebrook Community Centres are providing harvest for the Pantry and the cooking programmes
  • The gardens are constantly expanding

Waterbridge Cooking Programmes

  • Fast Foodies has a part-time supervisor and volunteers’ hours average 420 per month
  • Fast Foodies operates on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Fast Foodies produces the meals, jams, chutneys and sauces for the Pantry
  • Fast Foodies cook an average of 200 meals per week for the Pantry
  • Chefs @Home is our learn to cook programme and is not funded through the Waterbridge donations and grants
  • Chefs @ Home is an easy entry point for community members to engage
  • When time permits, Chefs @ Home, also helps out by cooking for the Pantry
  • Chefs @ Home participants cook the monthly dessert special for the Pantry
  • External funding was obtained to provide an Everyday Literacy programme to support Fast Foodies
  • Everyday Literacy has a part-time supervisor
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Fundraising Update

The Give Now donation page has now closed and the final figure is $11,405.00.

Our organisation and our community wish to thank every one of you wonderful people for your contributions and, in may cases, your words of support and encouragement. These donations in conjunction with the $10,000.00 from the State Government, the almost $700.00 from our fundraising event, then matched with the dollar for dollar offer from Brighton Council, gives us a total of $44,210.00.

This funding will allow us to continue with Waterbridge for quite sometime and also provide us with the opportunity to become a sustainable and successful community driven social enterprise. Again, thank you everyone.

P.S. people are still able to donate through the Australian Neighbourhood House and Centres Association (ANHCA) Public Fund.

The form can be downloaded from our website

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Update! Donations over $100 are now tax deductible!

We are happy to announce that the Australian Neighbourhood House and Centres Association (ANHCA) has done due diligence on the Waterbridge Food Co-op and will now provide tax receipts for donations over $100.   A win for everybody!

Please download the .pdf form here:  Tax Deductible Donation Form-Waterbridge Food Co-op

Your donation will go into an ANHCA Public Fund which will then be forwarded to us – this is the only way that Waterbridge, which is run out of a Neighbourhood House,  can provide tax deductible receipts, as we are not eligible for DGR status.   More information on this link at the ANHCA website.

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Fundraising Update + Council Endorsement

Brighton Council full logo

Happy to announce that the Deputy Mayor of Brighton Council, Barbara Curran, will be on our Advisory Board as a partner from July!  We look forward to working with our very supportive local Council.  Quote from their General Manager:

“At its meeting last night Brighton Council authorised me to provide funds to the Waterbridge Food Co-op on a dollar for dollar basis to other funds raised to a maximum of $30,000 in the 2016/17 financial year. It also nominated Deputy Mayor Barbara Curran to be a member of the Waterbridge Advisory Group.”    Ron Sanderson, General Manager.

Help us raise the $30,000 needed to keep us going, we have $10,345 to date.  PLEASE DONATE NOW:

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Fundraising Update – $8,100 so far

Many thanks to all those people who have donated to help Waterbridge continue beyond our grant fund – we really appreciate all the support and the donations which keep coming in.   We will definitely be around for a month or two after June 30th, and that’s great news.

However we still need more support – our goal is $30k in 30 days.   If you’ve donated, please share your dedication with your friends, family and work colleagues.

If you’ve not yet had a chance, please visit our donation link – by giving a little you will help a lot!

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Support Waterbridge, donate now!

Waterbridge is a community-run food initiative – not only do we grow, cook and sell locally, we do so thanks to our small army of community volunteers, all who believe in doing something positive for our area.  The result?  A community success story – our own Food Co-op we can all be proud of!

But grant funds are due to run out.  We need to raise $30k in 30 days!  Brighton Council will match whatever we raise.   Please give whatever you can, Every Little Helps!  Support our community, support Waterbridge to stay open.



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